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Rush, Rush, Rush: A Guide to Holiday Wellness


Does it feel like everyone is caught in the hustle and bustle lately? Rushing seems to be the norm in how we drive, eat, and navigate social media. As we approach 2024, the wave of possibilities can be overwhelming.

In the midst of this rush, let's take a moment to find calm and establish routines that can ease the holiday overwhelm. Here are three practices to infuse tranquility into your days:

1. Morning and Evening Routines:

planner and mug

Do you start your day with a scroll through social media, or do you set aside a few moments for quiet gratitude? Establishing routines acts as a brain warm-up and cool-down, signaling to your mind that a shift is happening. Honoring your commitment to yourself is as crucial as taking care of your family and work.

2. Quality over Quantity:


Prioritize quality time with loved ones over keeping up with the expectations of gift-giving. Reflecting on the pressure of the holidays, a friend and I discussed how prioritizing family bonding over extravagant gifts made a significant difference. Today, we're witnessing a shift towards 'FriendsGiving,' girls' trips, and virtual connections replacing traditional gatherings.

3. Virtual Connections and Modern Traditions:

Embrace the changing landscape of how families plan their celebrations. Virtual connections, 'FriendsGiving' events, and girls' trips are becoming cherished traditions, focusing on meaningful experiences over material possessions.

Consider creating your own modern traditions that align with your values.

In the rush of the season, remember that your well-being is paramount. Find moments of peace, establish routines that ground you, and cherish the quality of connections over the quantity of activities.

Wishing you a serene and joyful holiday season.


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