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Shauna and Dr. McNeil’s Top Tips for Mental Health Mastery: Embracing Self-care

Hey there! Let's delve into the insightful chat between Shauna and Dr. Roberta McNeil about mental health and self-care. They touched on key points like self-compassion, setting boundaries, handling grief, prioritizing sleep, managing menopausal experiences, and openly discussing mental health. Here's a more detailed look at these chill tips to help you navigate life with a little more ease.

The Basics of Self-Care

1. Self-Compassion and Boundaries:

Cut yourself some slack and don't try to do it all in one day. Prioritize tasks, teach your kids about boundaries, and wave goodbye to that "wonder woman syndrome" that's just setting you up for stress.

2. Navigating Grief and Connection:


It's okay to feel sad and grieve various losses – from friendships to job changes. Connect with your loved ones, spend quality time, and treasure those moments of human connection that can recharge your soul.

3. Getting Quality Sleep and Making Lifestyle Changes:


Kick those bad sleep habits to the curb by putting your phone on do not disturb and setting limits on screen time. Embrace journaling, exercise, and nature walks to boost your mental well-being.

Dealing with Menopausal Changes

4. Understanding Menopausal Experiences:


Dive into the hormone rollercoaster that is menopause. Manage stress levels, check your nutrient levels, and embrace the changes in your body with self-care practices tailored to your needs.

5. Breaking Mental Health Stigma:


Normalize talking about mental health and seeking support when you need it. Therapy, telehealth, and other resources are there to help you navigate mental health challenges with confidence.

Taking care of your mental health involves showing yourself some love, setting boundaries, processing grief, catching those Z's, and navigating life changes with grace. Remember, it's okay to not have it all figured out – reaching out for support and embracing self-care practices are positive steps in your mental health journey. Keep shining bright!

Watch the full conversation between Dr. Roberta McNeil and discover even more valuable insights for prioritizing your mental well-being below.


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