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5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Welcome to Spring 2022!

Spring is a time of rejuvenation. Many people take this time to deep clean their homes, throwing away unneeded items, putting their winter clothes in storage and retrieving their warmer ones.

It's also important to remember to deep clean yourself as we enter the new season.

Cleansing your mind, body, and soul makes sure you aren't taking the same hindrances from 2021 with you into 2022. Your mind, both conscious and unconscious, is responsible for your thoughts, actions, and beliefs.

Your body is the physical part of you that experiences the world through your five senses.

You soul is the part of you which is intangible, the essence of your being. Here are a few ways to renew them all this spring!

  1. Learn something new - Your brain is a muscle, and like the rest of your body, it needs to be exercised. Picking up a new instrument, learning a new language, or taking some writing classes are just a few examples of new things you can learn how to do. Anna Mary Robinson Moses, better known as Grandma Moses, began painting at the age of 78. Her work gained international notoriety and she kept right on painting until she died at the age of 101. It's never too late to pick up a new skill!

  2. Take time off - In American culture, the "grind" is glorified. Nonstop working in the name of saving money and staying busy is seen as normal and the only acceptable way of being. However, this is an unfortunate side effect of capitalism and it is extremely unsustainable. We are human beings. We were not meant to be in go mode 24/7. This Spring, be kind to your mind, body, and soul by taking a doggoned break!

  3. Get enough sleep - It sounds so simple, doesn't it? Scientists and medical professionals agree that getting an adequate amount of sleep is paramount. However, that can be difficult for some of us, especially those who are usually very busy during the day. Revenge bedtime procrastination is a practice many have engaged in for years without even realizing. Essentially, since you have so little time to do the things you actually enjoy during the day, you take "revenge" on yourself by staying up late to do those things, although you know you need to sleep. One way to combat this is to take little moments throughout the day to do activities you enjoy so that by the time you're ready for bed, you have an easier time going to sleep!

4. Practice gratitude - It's very easy to look at the state of the world, the state of our lives, and complain.

We're ALL guilty of it, it's in our nature. On the other hand, some people engage in toxic positivity, a trend which encourages individuals to completely dismiss the negative aspects of their lives and only focus on the good.

Finding the middle ground between these two extremes is crucial. Start a new habit of noting what you're thankful for as you go about your day.

You could be thankful for literally anything.

You managed to get the last chocolate frosted donut off the rack?

You can be thankful for that. You found the last parking spot on the block, and it's right in front of your building?

Who wouldn't be thankful for that? 5. Get in touch with something greater than yourself - If you're a religious person, this can mean getting closer to a higher power.

Many people find comfort in knowing there's an all powerful, all knowing being watching over them and leading their steps on a daily basis.

If you're more spiritual, you may find that connecting with nature and your fellow human beings gives you a sense of purpose and belonging. To sum it all up, take care of yourselves people!

In the wise words of Maya Angelou, "So, I like to look at self love. It is very important that it comes from within, that you have a sense of yourself..."

You have to know who YOU are, take care of YOURSELF before you can prioritize anything or anyone else in your life.

You would be doing yourself and the people in your life a disservice otherwise. Happy Spring!

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