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5 Reasons to Create a Vision Board Today

Vision board created by Evelyn via

Creating collages has been a favorite pass time for decades. However, vision boards differ in that their main purpose is intentional goal identification and setting. After reading this list, hopefully you'll be inspired to make a vision board of your very own!

  1. Vision boards provide a visual reminder of your goals - While it's great to have your goals in your mind, and even better to write them on paper, seeing visual representations makes them feel all the more attainable. Being able to imagine what you'll look like upon completing the goal is a great way to stay motivated to achieve it.

  2. Vision boards are a great creative outlet - While vision boards are for goal setting and manifestation, the process to making one can certainly be classified as an arts and crafts project. People usually use items like magazines, markers, stickers, and design tape to create their boards. And lately, thanks to technology, creating digital vision boards is also possible. Being creative is a natural human tendency that is highly therapeutic.

  3. Vision boards allow you to reassess your goals in the future - Have you ever had a moment where you realized that a goal you had no longer served you? We are beings who are constantly evolving, which means that we occasionally shift our whole mindsets. Some of the things we used to aspire to be no longer sync up with who we currently are. And that's okay! Seeing our old goals on our vision boards can show us how much we've grown.

A vision board template that you can use for yourself!

4. Vision boards are a great way to map out what's important to you - Identify the facets of your life that mean the most to you. Family, friendship, faith? Use your vision board to expand on those values. Some of your goals can include making more time to participate in and forge a stronger connection with those values.

5. Vision boards help hold you accountable - We all have moments in our lives when we may begin to slack off. This can be due to mental strains, work, our families, and just the general demands of life. Since vision boards show us our goals, it can be a great way for us to make sure that once we deal with our setbacks, we get back on the track to doing the things that bring us closer to achieving our dreams.

Now that you know what vision boards are and why they're beneficial, start working on your very own today!

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