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We Are Sovereign: Experience Freedom Through Movement with Us

What would a Somatic Movement class look like?

Imaging using your hands and body to show your transformation.

What would that look like?

On this healing journey, it’s critical to come back to the source.

It’s critical to come back to fully knowing, embracing, and nurturing, who we were, and re-introduce ourselves to who we are becoming.

In our first somatic experience, we will use our hands and body to represent our connection to God.

We were once tethered by an umbilical cord to our earth mother.

Here we use the music and our hands to tell our story.

  • What is your first positive memory?

  • What events changed the trajectory of your life?

  • How would that look as a movement?

  • What has led you to changing your mindset?

  • What brings you the most joy and liberation?

When we can represent the ways, we became disconnected; belief systems, trauma, or even our own rebellion, our awareness shifts.

Our experiences make us sovereign, regal and unique.

We begin to show up as the true GODDESSES we are.

Reintroduce yourself to this sovereign woman who is connected to the source.

We are reassuring.

We are validating.

We are nurturing.

We are whole.

We are safe.

It’s OK to expand into that force.

It is our legacy.

You were once hidden, like a pearl.

Not feeling enough?

Feeling like too much?

Not heard?

Unable to be seen?

Anxious about who was watching your journey.

It is time we step into your Goddess-ness.

We came as light.

That light is illuminating the pathway to the woman who we are becoming.

It is the light we carry.

It is the legacy within us.

We are free sovereign beings.

Ready to step into your full Goddess power?

Join us for a somatic movement workshop.

What does that look like?

Arrive at a safe, supportive and sacred circle.

Connect with a small community of like-minded women.

Explore the impact of your journey through artistic expression (movement, art, words).

Reflect on shared stories and common themes.

Participate in guided movement to reclaim a sense of agency over your body.

 Envision your path to abundance, prosperity and freedom.

Celebrate and reflect on the transformative journey.

What is Goddess Groove?

Goddess Groove is a holistic and progressive approach to healing through movement and storytelling that empowers women over 40 with chronic conditions, similar paths, mutual engagement and understanding.

Who is this class for?

This transformative workshop is designed for black women over 40 who are navigating the complexities of chronic illness (autoimmune conditions, chronic pain or health challenges) to reclaim your vitality, and embrace resilience, prosperity, abundance and joy.

What can you expect?

You can expect a profound shift in your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Through the power of Somatic movement and storytelling, you will unlock the potential within you to heal, thrive, and step into your authentic power.

This is not a cure for your symptoms but a way to discover your innate ability to flourish, rewire your nervous system and develop a mindset that opens the doors to prosperity and abundance.

Thus, fostering a life of limitless possibilities.

Now is the time to reclaim your power!!!

Step into your Goddess power.


Rewrite your story.

Reclaim abundance and prosperity.

Embrace the opportunity to join our community of women who are thriving.

Limited spots available, so secure your place today and embark on a journey towards empowered living.

Enroll here.

Group and 1:1 mentorship is also available.

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