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Drink Water... and "Mine" Your Business!

Whenever my family took vacations on cruise ships, my uncles would refuse to go, saying, "I can’t drink all that water!" I’d laugh every time, knowing they weren't joking.

The ocean before us was reminiscent of all the water we drink daily to quench our thirst, nourish our bodies, and hydrate.

Water is the most powerful substance on earth. None other can transform between four different elements, has cohesive and adhesive properties, and is a universal solvent with high boiling points.

Water is life. It is intelligent and conscious. Like music, it has healing properties.

There is scientific proof that thoughts and intentions can alter the physical world around us. Dr. Maseru Emoto, a researcher and alternative healer from Japan, tested this hypothesis using 2,000 people.

As he conducted his experiment, the participants were not made aware of the water samples set beside them. They were asked to actively focus on both positive and negative thoughts.

Ice crystals formed from both sets of water samples, which were identified and photographed by an analyst.

Positive and negative energy have measurable effects on the geometric structure of water crystals. This must be why we say grace over our food!

And what about us? Human beings contain roughly 70% water. How do we respond to the environment, maintain wholeness and wellness? Even our very thoughts have a great effect on our mind, organs and subconscious.

Our business is to "mine" our business, to be so busy mining in our own garden that we don’t have time to worry about anything or anyone else. So busy that anything out of alignment will be cast aside.

This next chapter is deeply personal. I owe her a lot. Like the cruise ship, the power is in the words we speak, and the intentions behind the thoughts. The environmental energy we surround ourselves with can heal, transform and sustain our very lives!

‘He leadeth me beside the still waters’. Psalm 23:2

Speaking of waters, make sure to watch our 5 minute seaside stretch and meditation video!

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