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Anxiety Relief…and Self Care

Updated: Apr 14

Find peace in 5 minutes! Guided meditation & stretches for a mindful Monday. 🧘🏿‍♀️


Ruminating thoughts, impending doom, incessant narratives…. does this sound familiar?

For as long as I could remember anxiety stayed close to me, like glue sticking to a paper.

I woke up to racing thoughts and ‘to do’ lists.  Before I got out of bed, I had anticipated who I would see, What I was going to say, and braced for a response.

Each scenario, fully rehearsed.  It was like watching a Broadway play…in my head...

I was completely exhausted. 

I had no clue where I began and where they ended. (Deep sigh)

I literally could go on and on, but I think you get the picture.

I think this is all of us.  We’ve managed to mask the anxiety with food, or spending, excuse me - Retail Therapy 🤑. HI 👋

We pour ourselves into the job, or make our kids perpetual trophies (ouch- sorry, but it’s true)

We look polished on the outside while inside, we are crumbling from the pressure.  Barely holding on.  ‘Wishin a n- a would’.

It’s not until, anxiety grows and starts interfering with our physical health, that we pay attention.  The digestion woes, the heart palpitations, the eczema flare ups, menstruation interruptions.  For me it was, the trips to the doctor, to be told, It’s all in your head. 

Am I losing it?

The idea of self-care, tossed to the wind.  I’ll take care tomorrow. 

Even the word self-care has become a source of anxiety.  Like, when am I supposed to do all THAT?

If you’ve gotten this far, what we need to do here is BREATHEEE.  Take a deep inhale.  Hold it for a count of 4.  Then exhale to a count of 8.

This is SELF CARE...

It is simply checking in.

It is coming to the present.

It is collecting self-information. 

It is taking inventory of how our body feels, what it needs and THEN empowering ourselves with Grace and SELF compassion to just BE. 

Can you do me a favor?

Place a hand on your heart and another on your belly.  Ask yourself, What does my body need today?


Maybe you need to wear cozy clothes today.

Maybe you need a hug from a family member.

Maybe you just need 5 minutes without an agenda.

Maybe you need to put your phone on DND for the day.

Maybe you need a moment to review what you’re expecting from yourself.

Whatever your heart says…. Honor that!!

Now, we need to follow through.

Perhaps you’ve lived so long putting others first that you have no idea where to begin.

Perhaps just the idea of doing anything outside the norm is a source of anxiety.

And perhaps you need support with honoring your physical and mental health needs in a loving way.

Yes, it takes courage….

But I want to tell you sis,

You are NOT alone. 

You are allowed to say No.

You are allowed to change your mind.

You are allowed to evolve.


I’d like to extend our sister circle of support by giving you permission to simply BE.




Simply DECIDE to FLY (First Love Yourself)

You deserve……YOU!

The journey begins with one step!

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With love and light,



Shauna Monique 

Fleek Fitness by Shauna

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