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Be Unstressable: Prioritizing Mental Health Breaks and Awareness

Why are African American women leading the numbers of highly stressed individuals?

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and the perfect opportunity to explore and practice the importance of taking mental breaks. "Be Unstressable," addresses how prevention is worth more than a pound of cure.

Understanding the Numbers:

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), Black women have a life expectancy that is, on average, 3 years shorter than that of white women, and some of the root causes may be related to stress. African American women face unique stressors that contribute to higher stress levels compared to other demographics. From systemic inequalities to societal pressures, the factors are multifaceted and deeply ingrained. It's crucial to acknowledge these disparities and take action to address them.

Taking Mental Health Breaks:

In the midst of hectic schedules and constant demands, taking mental health breaks throughout the day is essential for rejuvenation and resilience. Whether it's a few moments of deep breathing, a short walk outside, or a mindfulness exercise, prioritizing these breaks can make a significant difference in managing stress levels.

Mental Health Awareness Month:

As Mental Health Awareness Month approaches, amplifying the conversation around mental health and breaking the stigma associated with seeking help is crucial. Raising awareness, providing support, and advocating for accessible mental health resources for all individuals, especially African American women who may face barriers to care uplifts the community.  Each one, reach one.

Practicing Prevention and Proactivity:

Prioritizing self-care, setting boundaries, seeking support, and engaging in stress-reducing activities are proactive ways to practice preventing stress-related disorders.  Twenty minutes a day is a great start to building a routine that helps black women take control of their mental well-being and build resilience for the challenges ahead.

Let's commit to prioritizing our well-being, advocating for change, and supporting each other on the journey to becoming “unstressable”.

Stay tuned for more insights and resources to support your mental health journey during the month of May.

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