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5 Ways to Reassess Your Goals Right Now

We made it to July!

Over half the year has come and gone. Many of us started to actively pursue some new goals in the beginning of the year. Some of us are still going strong, while others may have faltered or stopped altogether for various reasons.

While it’s important (and even a crucial part of achieving your goals) to relax and take a vacation, it’s also imperative to know when to get back to work.

Sometimes we have to reassess our goals, figure out what’s working and what isn’t, use the new information we’ve acquired to tweak the roadmap to our vision, or the vision itself. ShaunaSoul is going to show you how!

  1. Revisit your initial goals - We're human beings, which means we're capable of change. We're not the same person on a yearly, monthly, weekly, even daily basis. We're constantly receiving new information which we apply to the way live our lives, whether we realize it or not. This means that as time goes on, we may feel differently about goals we've set for ourselves. We may feel that the goal itself no longer aligns with who we are, or the way we're going about it needs to change. When you revisit your goals, take a note of how strongly you feel about them. Are these things you still want? Or are they things you're no longer interested in?

  2. Switch up your method - As we all know, you don't just wake up and accomplish a long- term goal. There's several steps in between making the goal and accomplishing it. Those steps may have made sense and been attainable when you first wrote them out. However, as we grow and evolve, we may need to switch our steps from the way our old selves may have taken them to the way the new us should. Not only do our mindsets change, but sometimes our situations change. We may get impacted financially, physically, or even mentally to the point where either we don't have the same resources as we initially did, or have even more at our disposal. Which is why this next point is important...

  3. Adjust your timeline - Because you need may need to reevaluate the steps you're taking, you may find that the projected timeline you had for the goal has changed. Due to your newfound situation, you may realize that you either need more time than you thought, or you'll be able to get to your goal quicker. Just remember that everyone's timing is different. You may look around and see other people celebrating their achievements and wonder why yours are taking so long, but you have no idea of the adjustments they may have had to make to get there. So be patient and remember to do what works for you!

4. Track your progress - Keeping a record of your progress is a great way to not only hold yourself accountable for moving forward, but also to see how far you're coming in real time. You can even implement an incentive system where you treat yourself to something once you passed a certain amount of milestones. So not only will you have the big goal to look forward to, but also the little ones in between! Remember what we said about revisiting and adjusting your goals? Tracking them is one of the best ways to see how your goals are aligning with your current mindset. Seeing the difference in how you operated even a month ago versus now can inspire you to keep evolving and looking for better ways to attain your goal.

5. Do what's best for you - All in all, you have to do what you what's in your best interest. Don't allow social media or the people in your life to dictate which goals are or aren't worth pursuing. Of course this is easier said than done, but try to remember that this is your life and you're allowed to live it how you see fit! It's okay to keep working on that goal that doesn't seem to be going anywhere at first. Sometimes it may take a while for your dreams to find real world footing. On the other hand, it's also okay to quit if you feel trying to accomplish this goal is no longer serving you or worth expending your time and energy on. Do you!

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