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Fleek Fitness By Shauna

Change your Mind, Change your Body, Change your Life

Fleek Fitness is an organization dedicated to physical and mental wellness that inspires women to take care of their bodies, minds, and spirits. Fitness is a personal journey, and Fleek Fitness by Shauna offers fun, interactive, low impact, and easy, premium dance workouts using a range of music genres from gospel to afro beats. We provide our clients with a variety of resources. Fitness classes, mindfulness tips, wellness courses, and accountability groups which are available for individual and group sessions. You deserve FREEDOM.  Make the positive lifestyle change you’ve been wanting; Join the community TODAY!!

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Our Story

Since 2017, Fleek Fitness by Shauna's mission has been to bring out the good in people, help women tap into their unique superpowers and integrate movement into maintaining healthy habits along with a positive physical and mental lifestyle. Choosing an abundance approach, because its our birthright; Self-care, Self awareness, and Mindfulness, Fleek Fitness By Shauna is here to serve you.

Ultimately, we take pride in understanding each client's individual needs in order to reach their wellness goals, which can best be achieved through accountability in a community of likeminded individuals. Don’t delay your FREEDOM another day, get in touch today!

'When you know better, you do better'

Dr. Maya Angelou